Feeding the “Good Doer” with Emily Mackintosh and “Harry”

“Good doing” horses have a number of characteristics: They tend to gain weight easily (signs include a cresty neck and localised fat pads); They may be prone to metabolic disease characterised by increased adiposity; insulin resistance and a predisposition to laminitis; They require small, concentrated handfed rations to meet daily dietary requirements; They may require […]

Optimising the Development of the Growing Foal

There are a number of important considerations for optimal foal growth: The broodmare ration is critically important, with studies demonstrating a relationship between broodmare nutrition and skeletal health and development of the foal; Dietary balance is key – the feeding program should supply an appropriate balance of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins for optimal growth; […]

Nutrition for the Off-The-Track Racehorse

There are a number of factors to consider when transitioning a racehorse from the track to an equestrian environment: Off-the-track horses will arrive in varying body condition, depending on their individual metabolism and previous environment; They will most likely be used to a high grain (6 – 8kg) diet with relatively low levels of roughage; […]

Promoting Joint Health and Muscle Recovery During Training

There are a number of key nutrients that are known to be associated with joint and muscle health: Zinc and copper – important in bone and cartilage health; Glucosamine and chondroitin – may prevent cartilage degradation; Amino acids – important in protein synthesis; MSM – may reduce exercise induced oxidative stress. However, it is complete […]

Mixing your Own Feeds at a Racing Stable

There are a number of reasons why you might consider mixing your own feeds: Quality control – the quality of individual feed ingredients may be monitored over time; Optimise nutrient intake – supplementation can be offered according to specific requirements; Tailored feeding programs – feeding programs can be tailored specifically to individual horse requirements; Manage […]

Feeding to Promote Condition and Health during Pretraining

There are a number of objectives of the feeding program for a horse in pre-training including: Optimisation of body condition so the horse enters the racing stable at any ideal bodyweight; Correct fortification of the diet to ensure it supplies critical nutrients to promote bone health; The inclusion of high-quality protein for muscle development and […]

Our Feeding Philosophy with Brett Parbery

https://vimeo.com/694264067 General objectives of feeding programs for horses include: The provision of adequate levels of fibre for gastrointestinal health; The supply of appropriate energy sources according to the horses workload and body condition; The addition of high-quality protein for muscle development and recovery; Ensuring the ration supplies adequate levels of essential nutrients.  Our feeding programs […]