Our Feeding Philosophy with Brett Parbery

General objectives of feeding programs for horses include:

  • The provision of adequate levels of fibre for gastrointestinal health;
  • The supply of appropriate energy sources according to the horses workload and body condition;
  • The addition of high-quality protein for muscle development and recovery;
  • Ensuring the ration supplies adequate levels of essential nutrients.

 Our feeding programs focus on three key aspects of equine nutrition:

  • The provision of fibre;
  • The supply of high-quality nutrients to promote optimal health and performance; and
  • The provision of suitable energy feeds according to the horse’s workload, body condition and energy requirement.

Example Ration


Suitable roughage sources might include lucerne/oaten chaff, and lucerne/meadow/Rhodes hay.


NourishEQ® is a concentrated premium balancer pellet that supplies a blend of over 25 vitamins and bone strengthening minerals (including organic trace minerals) in addition to antioxidants, a published dose of a pre- and probiotic, and a concentrated level of biotin. Nourish-EQ® is also low in non-structural carbohydrates (<8%), therefore it is suitable for all horses.


Additional feed sources such as high fibre products, limited amounts of cereal based feeds, an appropriate commercial mix and vegetable oil may then be added according to workload and body condition.

Taking control of horse condition and energy levels:

This method of feeding affords the horse owner/trainer more control over their horse’s body condition and energy levels while offering the horse complete health and nutrition


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