Nourish Nutrition Service

Our Nourish Nutrition Service is more than a dietary evaluation service – it is a highly specialised nutrition service backed by years of industry experience and research.  Dr Caroline Foote (Equine Consulting Services) works with our clients – large or small – to create optimal feeding programs to suit their exact needs.  We are not associated with any of the major feed companies so feeding programs can be based on raw materials or any commercial feed.  All bulk clients receive ongoing nutritional support year-round and reliable product delivery as required.


Our services include the following:


  • STEP 1: Make an online booking via the link below;
  • STEP 2: Fill out the dietary evaluation form (link here) to provide Caroline with information on your horse’s feeding program prior to your session;
  • During the online consult, Caroline will analyse your horse’s diet and will work with you to create a nutrition plan taking into consideration any health concerns or performance goals;
  • Nourish-EQ Balancer pellets are used in the new feeding program giving the horse owner peace of mind knowing their horses are getting all their essential nutrients on a daily basis.  Additional feeds/supplements are added without bias to any feed or supplement company.
  • A coupon code is supplied during your consult offering you a 25% discount on your initial purchase of Nourish-EQ Pellets. 
  • Book a nutrition session with Caroline to get started!


  • Simply click on the link below to book a follow up session.  Please forward an email to [email protected] prior to your session with information regarding your horse’s current situation.

Trainers and Breeders

  • Stable visit (or online/phone consult);
  • Analysis of current feeding program;
  • Discussion of requirements and preference for feeding method (premixed feeds vs using raw materials);
  • Development of new or modified feeding program to suit the trainer’s needs;
  • Ongoing nutritional support year round.


  • Farm visit;
  • Assessment/analysis of pasture availability;
  • Analysis of current dietary intake of mares/foals relative to documented requirements;
  • Development of feeding programs based on raw materials or commercial feeds for growing/breeding stock/yearling preparation;
  • Ongoing nutritional support with visits scheduled quarterly or as required.