complete nutrition
to promote optimal horse
health & performance
promoting joint
& muscle health
for performance horses
feed selection &
designed for your horse's physiology, workload, condition & environment
advanced nutrition
for thoroughbreds
to meet the demands
of an intense workload
maximising fertility
& healthy growth
for broodmares,
weanlings & yearlings
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Nourish Equine Nutrition

Premium products and nutritional support for the horse industry

Nourish Equine Nutrition offers a combination of scientifically formulated products and tailored nutritional support for the horse industry.


Our feeding programs based on Nourish-EQ® pellets assist trainers, owners and breeders simplify rations and manage body condition and energy levels, while optimising horse health and performance in a cost-effective manner.


On this website you will find information on Nourish-EQ® products, explainer videos and notes, as well as links to professional nutritional services should additional support be required.

Simplify the feedroom

Control body condition and energy levels

Optimise nutrient intake

Reduce feed costs