Nourish-EQ® Stud is a high-quality low dose pellet which supplies essential nutrients to support development and overall health of growing and breeding horses.

Nourish-EQ Stud has been formulated to balance typical nutrient levels of Australian pastures and feeds.

  • High levels of calcium (from two sources) relative to phosphorus to assist in optimising intake and balance;
  • Zinc, copper and manganese in a combination of organic (using BIO-PLEX® trace minerals) and inorganic forms to improve the uptake and meet elevated requirements of growing and breeding stock;
  • Vitamin E, which plays a role in reproductive functions;
  • B Group Vitamins, including biotin at levels shown to improve hoof condition with ongoing supplementation;
  • Also provides iodine, cobalt, selenium (as SEL-PLEX®) and Vitamins A and D;
  • High quality protein meals, fortified with additional amino acids lysine and methionine.

Recommended feeding rate: 750g daily

Please contact us for bulk supply

Nourish-EQ® STUD is manufactured in a Feedsafe accredited, FIAAA certified,  APVMA licenced GMP facility.

Yearlings at Gundy Park Equine, Gundy.


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