Nutrition for the Off-The-Track Racehorse

There are a number of factors to consider when transitioning a racehorse from the track to an equestrian environment:

  • Off-the-track horses will arrive in varying body condition, depending on their individual metabolism and previous environment;
  • They will most likely be used to a high grain (6 – 8kg) diet with relatively low levels of roughage;
  • They may have had to retire from racing due to soundness or other health issues;

Due to their athleticism, adaptability and attitude, the right ex-racehorse can be an excellent choice for any equestrian discipline.

Our feeding programs focus on three key aspects of equine nutrition:

  1. Firstly the provision of fibre;
  2. Secondly the supply of high-quality nutrients to promote optimal health and performance; and
  3. Thirdly the provision of suitable energy feeds according to the horse’s workload, body condition and energy requirement.

Example ration:


Suitable roughage sources might include lucerne/oaten chaff, and lucerne/meadow/Rhodes hay.


NourishEQ® is a concentrated premium balancer pellet that supplies a blend of over 25 vitamins and bone strengthening minerals (including organic trace minerals) in addition to antioxidants, a published dose of a pre- and probiotic, and a concentrated level of biotin. Nourish-EQ® is also low in non-structural carbohydrates (<8%), therefore it is suitable for all horses.


Appropriate feed sources (such as high fibre products or a blend of high fibre and grain-based feeds and vegetable oil) may be added according to individual workload and condition.

Image taken early 2021


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