Mixing your Own Feeds at a Racing Stable

There are a number of reasons why you might consider mixing your own feeds:

  • Quality control – the quality of individual feed ingredients may be monitored over time;
  • Optimise nutrient intake – supplementation can be offered according to specific requirements;
  • Tailored feeding programs – feeding programs can be tailored specifically to individual horse requirements;
  • Manage feed costs – the use of raw ingredients can reduce feed costs significantly.

Our feeding programs focus on three key aspects of equine nutrition:

  • The provision of fibre;
  • The supply of high-quality nutrients to promote optimal health and performance; and
  • The provision of suitable energy feeds according to the horse’s workload, body condition and energy requirement.

Example ration:


Suitable roughage sources might include lucerne/oaten chaff, and lucerne/meadow/clover/rye/oaten hay.



NourishEQ® RACING is a high-quality, concentrated premium balancer pellet that supplies protein, amino acids, a blend of over 25 vitamins and bone strengthening minerals (including organic trace minerals) in addition to antioxidants, a published dose of a pre- and probiotic, and a concentrated level of biotin.



Additional energy/protein feed sources of choice may then be added such as whole oats, cracked corn, cracked lupins, black sunflower seeds and vegetable oil.


The feed mix:


  • High-quality
  • Clean
  • Powder-free
  • Palatable
  • Cost-effective


Offers a nutritionally balanced diet, providing every opportunity for the horse to perform to the best of his/her ability.


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