Feeding to Promote Condition and Health during Pretraining

There are a number of objectives of the feeding program for a horse in pre-training including:

  • Optimisation of body condition so the horse enters the racing stable at any ideal bodyweight;
  • Correct fortification of the diet to ensure it supplies critical nutrients to promote bone health;
  • The inclusion of high-quality protein for muscle development and turnover;
  • The appropriate selection of feedstuffs and nutritional products to promote gastrointestinal health.

Our feeding programs focus on three key aspects of equine nutrition:

  • The provision of fibre;
  • The supply of high-quality nutrients to promote optimal health and performance; and
  • The provision of suitable energy feeds according to the horse’s workload, body condition and energy requirement.

Example ration:


Suitable roughage sources might include lucerne/oaten chaff, and lucerne hay



NourishEQ® RACING is a high-quality, concentrated premium balancer pellet that supplies protein, amino acids, a blend of over 25 vitamins and bone strengthening minerals (including organic trace minerals) in addition to antioxidants, a published dose of a pre- and probiotic, and a concentrated level of biotin.


Additional highly digestible feed sources are then added such as whole oats, cracked lupins and vegetable oil or a suitable commercial mix may be used according to body condition and workload.


The end result:


The feeding program is designed to be high in quality, supplying essential nutrients, is palatable and cost-effective.  When fed as part of a balanced ration, Nourish-EQ® RACING will assist in promoting muscle development and recovery, skeletal health as well as gastrointestinal and general health and wellbeing.

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