Nourish-EQ® Racing is a convenient, high-quality, low dose pellet scientifically formulated to supply essential nutrients for racehorses for optimal health and performance.  


This pellet is available to racing/stud industry participants – please contact us for a quotation and further information.


Nourish-EQ® Racing allows trainers to simplify their feedroom, removing unnecessary supplementation.

Nourish-EQ® Racing can be fed to racehorses during spelling, pre-training and racing.

Nourish-EQ® Racing supplies:

  • Protein & amino acids
  • Major minerals for bone health
    • Calcium
    • Phosphorus
  • Electrolytes
    • Sodium
    • Chloride
    • Magnesium
  • Trace minerals in combination of organic and inorganic forms
    • Zinc
    • Copper
    • Iodine
    • Selenium
  • Fat soluble vitamins
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin K
  • Water soluble vitamins
    • Vitamin B1
    • Vitamin B2
    • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin B12
    • D-Calcium pantothenate
    • Folic acid
    • Niacin
    • Biotin
  • Gastrointestinal health actives
    • YEA-SACC® probiotic
    • BIO-MOS® prebiotic

Recommended feeding rate: 300 – 600g daily

Please contact us for bulk supply

Nourish-EQ® RACING is manufactured in a Feedsafe accredited, FIAAA certified,  APVMA licenced GMP facility.


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